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Preventing damage to structure from rainwater infiltration

Preventing damage to structure from rainwater infiltration
Preventing Damage To Structure From Rainwater Infiltration

Without a doubt, one key goal when designing and installing gutter systems is preventing damage to structure from rainwater infiltration. Do not ignore the potential of water damage from faulty designed gutter systems. We have noticed that many newer homes will have a 5″ gutter system. The smaller gutter will not perform properly when we have those heavy Indiana downpours even though the roof area to gutter ratio is correct on paper.

Indeed, so that water will not flow into the building, we must design gutters and downspouts to be installed appropriately. To ensure rainwater does not flow back into structure, we will size overflow measures to accommodate a 1 in 100-year rainfall event. Water overflow mainly occurs during high-intensity rainfalls due to either poor design or blockages. Thus, the gutter system is unable to cope with the volume of water entering the gutters creating overflow. No gutter system when overflowing should allow water to enter the walls or internal structure of a building.

It should be noted that the design of adequate overflow measures will vary from site-to-site depending on the choice of gutter.  Structure drainage and downspouts must be considered too. The licensed contractor is responsible for complying with the relevant local Indiana building code. Your contractor must design and install the correct gutter system for your individual circumstance.

For instance, an accepted overflow measure for high fronted gutters is as follows.  The installation of a gutter system with a 3/8″ gap between the fascia and the back of the gutter. It may be necessary to use a spacer or other proprietary trade product to establish the 3/8″ gap.

Finally, be smart. Preventing damage to structure from the seepage of rainwater is to know your local building codes. Before you undertake a gutter tear-off and re-install project know what you are dealing with.

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