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Birds In Gutters More Than An Nuisance

birds in gutter

birds in gutter

Birds in gutters may hinder the flow of rainwater in your gutters.  House gutters prevent water from entering into the interior of your home, by  channeling the rainwater away from the exterior of the walls and the foundations.  Water running down the walls from clogged gutters causes dampness in the affected areas of your home rooms and provides an environment for the growth of mold and the possibility of rot in the interior framing of your home. Just because you can’t see into your gutters from the ground, does not mean they are clean.

But many of the calls we get are for maintenance issues resulting from clogged or ill fitting gutters. We have been observing an increase of birds building nests in gutters. Birds in your gutters are more than a nuisance. Birds love clogged gutters, offering a perfect environment for building their home and at times an easy source of food from tree seeds.

So, clogged gutters can ruin your soffits, exterior and interior walls and the foundation of your home. I haven’t mentioned mold and mildew. Mold and mildew growth in your home can be a genuine health issue for you and your family.  We do not deal with the mold issue you may have.

All sorts of birds will find it desirable to nest in your house gutters if given a chance. In Indiana, some include starlings, doves (pigeons), finches and thrushes.

What is one to do?

Of course, the first thing would be is to have your gutters inspected and if need be have them cleaned. But if a bird has taken up residence in your gutter, we can relocate them to another area of your yard.

Additionally, consider leaf guards. If you install leaf guards you will not have to worry about cleaning your gutters again. Finally, we only use top quality materials, they come in a variety of colors and a ten year warranty.

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