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Six Rules To Follow For Winter To Keep Your Home Safe

Six Rules To Follow For Winter To Keep Your Home Safe
Follow these steps to keep your home safe.

There are six rules to follow when winter weather moves in. Every year, summer slips by and winter weather moves in. Many of us tend to put off buttoning up our homes for the cold weather. That also means getting our gutters ready for the winter season.

Follow these steps to keep your home safe

1. Heat-tapes on plumbing and in gutters or downspouts must be properly installed and maintained regularly to prevent overheating and the possibility of fire.

2. Moreover, should your downspouts freeze, never leave portable heaters or other equipment used to thaw frozen pipes unattended.

3. Of course, water and electricity “DO NOT MIX.” Use caution when using any type of electrical equipment near downspouts or in damp environments.

4. Furthermore, we have done several articles on this but its importance cannot be overstated. Chimneys and flues need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis to prevent not only fire, but the creation of carbon monoxide fumes that can lead to sickness or death. Check for obstructions, damage, and discoloration. If you think there may be a problem, you’re probably right!

5. Likewise, fire hydrants need to be kept clear of snow and obstructions so your fire department can get to them quickly and safely. Time is a big adversary and you need to do everything you can do to help saves firefighters time.

6. Additionally, “Smoke Alarms Save Lives”…. Make sure your smoke alarms are installed properly. Make sure you test yours regularly. A new battery is an inexpensive insurance policy.

In addition and equally important, be prepared to check on family and neighbors who are at risk from cold weather hazards. This includes young children, older adults, and the chronically ill. Be kind to your fur babies and bring them inside. But if you are unable to bring them inside, then provide adequate shelter and water to drink that is not frozen.

Again, no one can stop the onset of winter. However, if you follow these six rules for winter, you will be ready for when winter comes.

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